Wish - Interview mit Dana Massey

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Die Jungs von HomeLAN Fed haben mit Dana Massey geplaudert. Der World Designer von Wish wird hauptsächlich zum Spielemarkt und den Differenzen der Jahre 2004 und 2005 befragt. Laut dem kreativen Entwickler startet die MMORPG Revolution nächstes Jahr erst richtig. Danas aktuelle Lieblingstitel sind übrigens Pirates!, Sims 2, Half-Life 2 und Thief 3.

HomeLAN - Overall, what do you feel was the most significant thing that happened in 2004 in the video and PC game industry?

Dana Massey - To me, 2004 seemed to be the year of the sequel and remake. Never in my life have I bought so many games in a single year, but at the same time, none of them grabbed me as something brand new and innovative. Thief 3, for example, was a solid game that I had been drooling about for months leading up to its release. I cannot however call it innovative. It was the continuation of the brand.

The most significant advances this year seemed to come in the artistic departments. Half Life 2 and Doom 3, just to name two, pushed the bar of graphics and technical achievement to all new heights. The games may be very similar to what we are used to, but they definitely look better than ever.

HomeLAN - Other than games you worked on that were released this year, what video or PC game released in 2004 was your favorite and why?

Dana Massey - This year brought no messiahs to the table, but it did bring more quality PC titles than any year in recent memory. Half Life 2, Sims 2, Thief 3 and Pirates! were the top four games on my list this year. All four are sequels or remakes of games that are on many people\'s favorites of all time. I would have to give the edge to Pirates! though, simply on the basis that having not played the original, the magic was there for me to discover. I knew what I was in for with Half Life 2, Sims 2 and Thief 3, while Pirates! was a fresh and interesting adventure.

In a slightly different category I also got a lot of enjoyment of Madden 2005 and NHL Eastside Hockey Manager: Franchise Edition. Both are sports games, but could also not be any more different. The great failing of the sports genre for me has been the ability to easily "master" the game in a very short period of time. I have yet to consistently get the better of either title, greatly increasing their lasting appeal.


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