Wish - Beta Client bald bei FilePlanet

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Mutable Realms hat heute angekündigt, dass der kommende Client für die Wish Beta 2.0 bald bei Fileplanet zu finden ist. Schon im Dezember kann man sich die benötigten Daten herunterladen. Die Testphase soll am 1. Januar 2005 starten.

FilePlanet to host Wish Beta 2.0 Download

Mutable Realms, Inc., is pleased to announce that FilePlanet will host
the Wish Beta 2.0 download.

Wish is the first Ultra Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
(UMMORPG(tm)), with tens of thousand of simultaneous players in a
single world, without any zones or "shards". With Wish\'s single-world
approach, Mutable Realms employs a dedicated Live Story Team whose
singular purpose is to keep the game story moving forward, providing a
fresh gaming experience for our users each time they play.

"Given the solid reputation of Wish\'s previous open beta last year, we
are looking forward to our upcoming partnership with Mutable Realms,"
said Wouter Ryckbosch, Associate Editor of the Vault Network. "We are
thrilled that our network will play a part in the development of this
highly promising title and hope that our visitors will share this
enthusiasm for helping Wish improve by means of play testing. Fresh
and innovative games such as Wish keep the market healthy and we
believe it is very important for us to actively have a hand in this by
partnering with Mutable Realms to help host their newest open
beta. Meanwhile our visitors get the chance to try out the game months
before release, while being able to have their voice heard in the
development process."

"We are very pleased that FilePlanet agreed to host our Wish Beta 2.0
Client on their powerful server network," said Marc Laukien, President
of Mutable Realms. "So far, about 40,000 testers have signed up for
our beta test, which means a lot of download traffic, in particular
during the first days of January. With FilePlanet\'s help, we will be
able to provide a hassle-free download for such a large number of

Beta 2.0 is scheduled to start on January 1, 2005. Testers will be
able to download the game client at the end of December. There will be
no fee for downloading the game client.


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