Ultima Online - Zurück nach Britannia

Von Redaktion - News vom 10.11.2004, 00:00 Uhr

Alle ehemaligen Ultima Online Spieler werden zur Rückkehr gebeten. Vom 16. - 29. November können alle Interessenten wieder mit ihrem alten Charakter in der Welt von Britannia abtauchen. Laut Spieleschmiede Electronic Arts hat sich einiges verändert. 

Here’s how to return to Britannia:

  1. Re-install Ultima Online™, using your game disc, a friend’s disc or downloading it from HERE**.
  2. Start the game and log-in with your name and password at any time between November 16th (Noon PST) and November 29th(11:59PM PST).
  3. In most cases you’ll find your characters and property waiting for you. (We can’t guarantee all your in-game possessions will still be available, but in most cases they will be.)


  1. If you return during the Return to Britannia period, Nov. 16 to Nov. 29, you are still subject to the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. You can find those HERE.
  2. When you return, you will be entitled to play the last version of Ultima Online your account was enabled to play.
  3. When you return, you will not be able to play content from the Samurai Empire expansion pack, unless you have purchased a copy, installed it and upgraded your account with the enclosed upgrade code.
  4. If your account was banned due to misconduct, you will not be able to take part in the Return to Britannia Program.


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