Ultima Online - Weiterer Test von Samurai Empire

Von Redaktion PlayNation - News vom 01.12.2004, 00:00 Uhr

GameZone hat einen Blick auf die Ultima Online Expansion Samurai Empire geworfen und das Add-on mit 7.5 von 10 Punkten bewertet. Besonders Eindrucksvoll sind die vielen Möglichkeiten die Ultima Online bietet, vom Holzfäller bis zum Samurai kann der Abenteurer verschiedenste Berufe ausersehen. Auch das Gildensystem, das mit der Erweitung nochmals verbessert wurde, ist sehr innovativ gestaltet. Weniger aufregend sind die visuellen Effekte und Gefechte gegen Kreaturen oder Nicht-Spieler-Charaktere.

When one looks at the world of Ultima, the various incarnations and expansion, there is a certain admiration for what the game established, and a certain sedate feeling when entering the lands of Britannia. The world has struggles, there is adventure, crafting and exploration, but the pacing is somewhat slower.

The Land of Feudal Lords, otherwise known as the Takuno Islands, serves as the new territory for this expansion to the Ultima universe. It was hinted at in the first Ultima title, and expanded upon with new classes, a new guild system, as well as the usual array of new territories to explore and new monsters to kill.

But in Ultima Online: The Samurai Empire, players to the universe are treated to basically more of the same, although with a decidedly Eastern bent. The new classes follow the ways of the bushido and ninjitsu, and naturally, there are new skills associated with each. While the samurai are the warriors of honor, great champions with lightning-fast skills and techniques, the ninja advance along the thread of the mysticism often associated with the art. This means smoke bombs, melding into the shadows, assassination techniques, poisoning and mirror images to fool the enemy into attacking the wrong target.


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