Tabula Rasa - Interview mit Starr Long

Von Redaktion PlayNation - News vom 12.11.2004, 00:00 Uhr

Die Jungs von GameRifts haben Starr Long zu Tabula Rasa befragt. Im relativ langen Interview werden Storyplot, Spielertypen, Player vs. Player Optionen und Kampfsystem fokussiert. Der Sci-Fantasy Titel soll schnelle Gefechte und unzählige instanzierte Gebiete bieten. Weiterhin wird ein spezielles Voice-System implementiert, mit dem sich die Charaktere im Spiel unterhalten können.

The traditional D&D/Lord of the Rings/Fantasy genre used as the setting for MMOs have been giving up market share to new genres; space/SciFi, Comics, and even sim soap opera/cartoon worlds have had successful MMO releases. Do you think that setting has any bearing on how future MMO games will be perceived by the gaming community?

I think this question boils down to "Where are MMOs going?" I think that setting will definitely affect it, but I don\'t think it will effect it any more than in the single player arena. Over time we are going to see as much diversity in the online games market as we see in the single player market in terms of genre, setting, design and game mechanics.

We are seeing the hint now with games like
City of Heroes, Planetside, SWG [Star Wars Galaxies] and others where we are moving beyond the "Tolkien" settings and expanding, slightly, into other genres. I think we will continue to see more of that. There\'s even World War II Online set in a historical combat setting and A Tale in the Desert, set in Ancient Egypt, so I think that is going to expand as more products come to market.


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