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Von Redaktion - News vom 12.12.2004, 00:00 Uhr

Rich "Bo Shek" Vogel hat einen Brief an alle SWG Fans geschrieben. In diesem informiert der Executive Producer über die Erfolge des letzten Jahres und lässt einen kleinen Blick in die Zukunft schweifen.

What a year 2004 has been! This year we revamped the Jedi system, enhanced the droid profession, launched the Imperial Crackdown, added a tremendous amount of new content to the game, released Jump to Lightspeed and fixed many issues with the game.

The team\'s main focus these past 8 months has been to concentrate on getting Jump to Lightspeed finished for release. Once JtL was out the door we spent the past month polishing it up - making it easier to get into Space, fixing outstanding bugs and adding new missions as well as a new playable ship in the pipeline. It is truly nice to see both ground and space finally in Star Wars Galaxies. The bookends are done and now it is time to fill in the content in between....


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