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Star Wars Galaxies - Review: Jump to Lightspeed

Von Redaktion - News vom 21.11.2004, 00:00 Uhr

Die Hardware-Infosite VIA Arena hat ein umfangreiches Review zur Star Wars Galaxies Expansion Jump to Lightspeed verfasst. Eine Bewertung haben die Kollegen nicht gegeben, allerdings fällt der Artikel sehr positiv aus. Positiv Überrascht war das Team von den tollen Grafiken, Raumschiffen und vielfältigen Missionen. Die negativen Punkte belegen das Player vs. Player System und die fehlende Voice-Communication.

When you load into the game, a waypoint with a ribbon directing you towards the closest rebel trainer is provided. I followed the ribbon for about 140 meters and spoke to the trainer. The first thing he does is join you in the appropriate alliance and then provides you with a freebie ship. In my case I got a Z-95 which looks like an X-Wing with its wings closed and only one set of guns. You are then provided with another ribbon leading back to the Starport, to the Starship terminal where you launch into space. So, less than five minutes into the game, you’re there, flying above Correlia, surrounded by stars in your first little ship. It’s like being in your first car. You are provided with a couple of things when you first load into space and one is a waypoint to your first mission. The second is a link to a Holodisk trainer. This is a text based tutorial for flying your ship. I chose to skip the tutorial as I consider myself an experienced pilot and I was hoping they didn’t change too much from previous Star Wars space-sim games.


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