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Harry Lang hat ein Status-Update in den Foren von Star Trek Gaming Universe veröffentlicht. "Das Spiel befindet sich aktuell mitten in der Entwicklung. Den Betatest wollen wir irgendwann 2006 starten, als Erscheinungsjahr fokussieren wir 2007", so der Consumer Products Senior Director.

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It\'s a new year and in terms of gaming, here\'s the "state of the state":

  • First and foremost, the MMOG is deep in design. The game is set for beta sometime in 2006 and release sometime in 2007. Mitch is getting an update to the FAQ ready, and not far from now, you\'ll start seeing more info coming out. I\'m also working on getting this more closely integrated with other things going on within the company.
  • On the mobile games front, some of you have seen there are two mobile phone games out called "Birds of Prey" and "Cold Enemy." BOP got a great review - 8.9 at Gamespot for instance, and they said "Star Trek: The Birds of Prey is one of those exceedingly rare media-licensed mobile games that flies in the face of convention. It\'s not only a pleasant surprise--it\'s a spectacular action game that is easily one of the best shooters on the mobile platform." No reviews on CE yet, but you can see more here: More mobile games will be coming as well.
  • All I can really say about the next thing right now is that you\'ll be seeing ST games coming to non-traditional gaming platforms this year.


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