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Das RPGPlanet FAQ zum kommenden Star Trek Online-Rollenspiel wurde umfassend erweitert. Hinzu kommen verschiedenste Informationen zum Kampf- sowie Charaktersystem und dem futuristischen Schauplatz. Alle angegebenen Fakten basieren auf verschiedensten Previews und offiziellen Statements. Sicherlich eine interessante Sache für Star Trek Fans.

What will ground combat be like?
Our fast-paced FPS system is going to take advantage of many of the skills and abilities seen in Star Trek: using heavy weapons, energy shields, pattern enhancers, and more.

Can I crouch and jump?
Yes, hiding behind obstacles will be a good way to avoid fire.

What will starship combat be like?
Starship combat is slower and more strategic than ground combat; the Enterprise wasn?t built to turn on a dime. It?s more important to make good decisions than get a target into one?s crosshairs. That said, the action can be furious and requires the contribution of all of the departments under the direction of an experienced captain.

Will there be player vs. player combat?
PvP will not be a primary means of advancement at game launch, but the holodeck will provide many opportunities for players to fight each other in ships and on the ground in a competitive holographic environment. The holodeck is a simulated environment which will allow you to network with players across the galaxy and play the "Ship assault" dynamic. The premise of the ship assault dynamic is the board and capture key points of the enemies ship at your leisure!


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