Rocket League - Neuer Patch 1.05 veröffentlicht

Von Wladislav Sidorov - News vom 11.09.2015, 13:36 Uhr
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Für Rocket League steht ab sofort ein brandneues Update zur Verfügung. Patch 1.05 führt erstmals ein Ranked-System eind ermöglicht so kompetitives Matchmaking.

Ab sofort steht ein neues Update für den beliebten Autofußballtitel Rocket League zur Verfügung. Durch den Download von Patch 1.05 bekommt ihr unter anderem Zugriff auf ein Rangsystem, das euren individuellen Skill berechnet.

Gleichzeitig mit dem Ranked-System startet die Season 1 des kompetitiven Matchmakings. Durch Wettkämpfe könnt ihr in Divisionen auf- und absteigen und vielleicht sogar irgendwann zu den besten Spielern der Welt gehören.

Außerdem wurden weitere Verbesserungen am Spiel durchgeführt sowie neue Funktionen eingebaut. PC-Spieler können beispielsweise alle PS4-Spieler aus ihren Lobbys verbannen.

Ihr findet die vollständigen Patchnotes unten.


• Ranked Season 1 Officially begins
• Added multiple Ranked Season Divisions with post-Season Division placement rewards
• Added “Ranked Solo Standard” back to the Online match queue
• Made multiple improvements and adjustments to the Utopia Coliseum arena
• PC players can now filter PlayStation 4 players out of matchmaking search
• Added Music Player interface to all menu screens
• Added “Featured Video” to in-game blog roll
• Added multiple “Spectate” mode improvements
• Added 12 new Community Flags, 2 new Chivalry Flags, and 20+ new Country Flags
• Repaired sound-related crash scenario that caused the game to crash on the loading screen after multiple matches


• Antennas
• Added “Community Flags”
•• Angry Army
•• Anne Munition
•• The Attack
•• EMD1
•• ESL
•• itmeJP
•• MLG
•• Razer
•• Saudi Gamer
•• Serious Gaming
• Added “Video Games”
•• Chivalry – Agatha Knights
•• Chivalry – Mason Order
• Added “Country Flags”
•• Bahrain
•• Belize
•• Bhutan
•• Botswana
•• Comoros
•• East Timor
•• Fiji
•• Gambia
•• Guinea-Bissau
•• Guyana
•• Kosovo
•• Lesotho
•• Macau
•• Mauritius
•• Pakistan
•• Puntland
•• Réunion
•• Solomon Islands
•• Somaliland
•• Suriname
•• Swaziland
•• Western Sahara


• Online Play
• Added “Find New Match” option to Ranked endgame screen
• PC Players can now filter PlayStation 4 players out of matchmaking search
• Ranked Season
• Season 1 has officially begun and all leaderboards have been reset
• The “Solo Standard” 3v3 Ranked Playlist has been re-added
• Season Rankings are now based on Rank Points (RP)
• Rank Points are gained or lost based on Player skill rating, teammates’ skill, and the opponent’s skill (like the Pre-Season rating)
• Rank Points change consistently throughout the Season unlike the Pre-Season skill rating, which changed less and less the more games that were played
• Earning 100 RP will promote Players to the next Division, but dropping below 0 RP will demote them to the previous Division
• The Player’s initial division is seeded based on their Pre-Season skill rating
• Ranked Divisions are now separated into…
•• Unranked
•• Bronze I
•• Bronze II
•• Bronze III
•• Silver I
•• Silver II
•• Silver III
•• Gold I
•• Gold II
•• Gold III
•• Platinum (Top 100 Players)
• Reaching Silver, Gold, or Platinum division rewards players with special reward items at the Season’s end
•Note: Season 1 will last for the next several months. An end date will be announced several weeks in advance


• Added Music Player interface to all menu screens
• Added “Featured Video” to in-game blog roll
• Added “Video Games” sub-section to Garage Items/ Antennas
• Spectate Mode: Added persistent nameplate that shows username and stats for all players
• Spectate Mode: Added the ability to focus on the ball while in Flycam
• (PC) Spectate Mode: Controls now support hotkeys for camera switching between players or free cam


• Online
• Ranked Pre-Season is now over (see above)
• Improved overall connection reliability
• Arena – Utopia Coliseum
•• Daylight has been changed to earlier in the day
•• Overall lighting effects and ambiance have been improved
•• Level boundaries are now more clearly defined
•• Added new arches around the outside of the playing field (because it looks cooler)
•• Player start positions and Boost placements have been standardized to match other maps


• Moved “Save Replay” option lower in the post-game screen so it is not selected by default
• Disabled HTML tag support in chat
• (PS4) Controller audio has been switched to “Off” by default for single-player, but can be toggled back on via Options menu (Splitscreen controller audio still defaults to “On”)
• Garage Items
•• Moved “Blacklight” to “Video Games” folder
•• Moved “Blacklight: Retribution” to “Video Games” folder
•• Moved “Edge of Space” to “Video Games” folder
•• Moved “Fenix Rage” to “Video Games” folder
•• Moved “Shadowgate” to “Video Games” folder
•• Moved “Strike Vector EX” to “Video Games” folder
•• Moved “Unreal” to “Video Games” folder
•• Moved “Warframe” to “Video Games” folder
•• Moved “Warframe Chroma” to “Video Games” folder
•• Moved “Warframe Excalibur” to “Video Games” folder
•• Moved “Warframe Loki” to “Video Games” folder
•• (PS4) Moved “Sweet Tooth” to “Video Games” folder


• General
• Direct Input and XInput controllers no longer stop working when played together
• Improved protection against corrupted save data
• Repaired boundary-collision issue that would sometimes allow players to exit the arena
• Fixed random invisibility bug associated with large Boost pick-ups


• Fixed issue that caused in-game sounds to drop in and out
• Repaired sound-related crash scenario that caused the game to crash on the loading screen after multiple matches


• Utopia Coliseum: Fixed issue that would sometimes allow the ball to fall through the bottom of the map


• (PS4) Text chat now properly works after suspend/ resume
• (PS4) Corrected issue that caused PC players to appear nameless to PS4 players following suspend/ resume


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