PlaneShift - Interview mit Lucas Pancallo

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Gamergod hat ein Interview mit Lucas Pancallo veröffentlicht. Gesprochen wird  über das kostenfreie MMORPG Planeshift, das sich aktuell noch in der Entwicklung befindet. Der Titel wird von Spielern für Spieler programmiert und ist schon seit ein paar Jahren eine der größten Hobby-Produktionen.

GamerGod: Thank you for your time today Luca. In creating PlaneShift, what was the decision behind making it a free MMORPG?

Luca: The original team (me included) developed a previous game (a graphical MUD) that started as a commercial project. During that period, many years ago, we found out the good and the bad of starting a project with commercial goals. The good is obviously money, but the bad is really to be bound by that money and to the will of the buyer. In our case the limitations were not big, but enough to have us understand how better it would have been going with a free project. From these roots the PlaneShift project was born. We wanted the game to be free for players, but also we wanted more freedom for developers, having no boundaries and no limits to the directions in which the product could expand.


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