Istaria - Weiteres Interview mit Chris Tumello

Von Redaktion PlayNation - News vom 25.10.2004, 00:00 Uhr

Die Crew von hat ein neues Interview mit Chris Tumello veröffentlicht. Der Präsident von Tugla Games beantwortet einige Fragen zur Übernahme von Horizons. Die Spieleschmiede Artifact Entertainment hatte zuvor alle Rechte an dem Online-Rollenspiel an Tulga Games verkauft.

GI.n: Tulga Games, LLC is a new company without what one would call a "proven track record" in games. Would you characterize this company as venture capitalists looking at a company (Artifact) which has valuable assets they feel can be of benefit?

Chris Tulumello: Tulga Games LLC is not a venture capital company. Tulga Games is operating as a going concern, with a distinct heirarchy of leadership and management. Our mission is stated clearly, and our organizational intent is transparent. There are no hidden agendas here. Tulga Games has made an offer to purchase the assets of Arifact Entertainment – essentially one company buying another company – this happens every day. I’m just lucky to have the resources to make it happen.

GI.n: What makes you believe this company is worth the purchase?

Chris Tulumello: There are only a handful of companies that have sucessfully done what Artifact has managed to do. Bring a working, playable, and engaging MMORPG to market. Add to that creativity, longevity and resourfulness and, in my opinion, you have an organization worth the price of admission.


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