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Neue Downloadseite bei Horizons

Wie Artifact Entertainment in einer Pressemitteilung verlauten liess können Spieler jetzt über eine schnellere und verbesserte Downloadseite auf das Spiel Horizons zugreifen.

Über den u.g Link gibt es die Möglichkeit Horizons kostenlos runterzuladen und sieben Tage kostenlos zu testen. 

Hier das Original:


29 October 2004, Mesa, Arizona
 - Artifact Entertainment, the developers of the MMORPG Horizons: Empire of Istaria, announced today a new download system that allows new and returning subscribers to download the game with increased efficiency.

Artifact Entertainment\'s CEO and Creative Director, David Bowman, said, "As a company we are very committed to making our product accessible by anyone at any time. This new system allows those who have made a choice to play Horizons: Empire of Istaria, an easy, effective way to receive the basic game onto their machines at no cost to them."

Artifact Entertainment\'s Director of Technology, Rick Simmons, said, "There are some very well defined benefits to our user base with this new system. Our new system supports a larger number of concurrent connections at higher speeds. We\'re using XCRC to ensure that all downloaded files are valid. Another feature we\'ve added is much more effective bandwidth management so all users get the best download rate possible."

David Bowman continued, "Maintaining our own download service allows our new subscribers the best, most efficient on-line method of retrieving Horizons: Empire of Istaria. It follows that the more access points we can provide to Horizons then the more individuals will become part of the Istarian family."

The new product download can be accessed through: .


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