Hero's Journey - Vorschau bei Okratas

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Die Jungs von Okratas haben eine Vorschau zum kommenden Heroes Journey angefertigt. Die Story ist relativ altmodisch: Nach vielen Kriegen wurden große Landflächen zerstört, fünf Rassen haben überlebt. Somit hat der Spieler die Auswahl zwischen den so genannten Burian, Ilvari, Qwi, Suwari und Toggs. Besonders die Screenshots sind einen Blick wert, die Grafikengine des kommenden Fantasy-MMORPGs hat einiges zu bieten.

On the surface, Hero\'s Journey looks pretty much like many other MMORPGs on the market or in development, with a jazzy 3D engine that lets the player zoom in, and rotate to view the world from any imaginable camera angle. However, like so many other parts of Hero\'s Journey, it\'s what\'s beneath the surface that makes the difference.

Simutronics has always had incredibly rich back-story for their games.  Hero\'s Journey will continue in that tradition with what may be their most creative and exciting world to date.  The game world of Elanthia is quite literally falling apart.  The post cataclysmic high fantasy world of Elanthia has been nearly obliterated by years of warring.  Whole civilizations have been wiped off the face of the planet.  The handful of races that remain struggle with and against the remaining political and organized factions.  Those remaining remnants have organized under the banner of a cooperative alliance called the Truumvirate.  Unfortunately not everything is looking up in the world.  The Truumvirate while struggling to eek out their own existence, will be faced with with opposing forces from their own world and others.  Interfaction rivalry, a hostile force that seeks to destroy the world, a land with filled with unforgiving terrain and merciless denizens seek to disrupt this new alliance.


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