Guild Wars - Interview mit Jeff Strain

Von Redaktion PlayNation - News vom 12.10.2004, 00:00 Uhr

Die Kollegen von Gamespot haben mit Jeff Strain gesprochen. Der Produzent von Guild Wars äußert sich zu den Klassen, Rassen, Skills und Guild vs Guild Funktionen. Besonders hier werden den Spielern allerhand Möglichkeiten geboten - Clans müssen später sogar eigene Länderreien vor Feinden verteidigen. Vielen erfahrenen Rollenspielern fällt die Ähnlichkeit zu Diablo sofort auf, kein Wunder - einige Blizzard-Veteranen haben die Spieleschmiede ArenaNet ins Leben gerufen.

GS: How, if at all, are skills being adjusted for smaller and larger games? Can we expect to see players switching different skills in and out of their regular rotations for a smaller two-on-two match, as opposed to a four-on-four match? How is the game being designed to accommodate larger and smaller engagements?

JS: We want skills to behave predictably, so we don\'t adjust them based on game size. There are 450 skills in Guild Wars, of which at least 150 will be available to each character, and the skills have to be easily learnable. Guild Wars contains enough strategic depth that there\'s no need to overcomplicate things by changing the way skills behave. We might tweak death penalties or resurrection, but skill behavior remains constant.

Players will, however, tend to adjust their skill sets depending on the situation. They might choose general, broad-use skills for small teams and more-specialized skills for larger teams. For example, in a large party with several monk healers, one monk might focus on healing, while another lays down protection spells. Meanwhile, a third removes hexes and resurrects dead allies. Player strategy, rather than skill behavior, will change depending on the size of the conflict.


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