Guild Wars - Impressionen vom letzten Event

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Die Kollegen von HomeLAN Fed haben einen Artikel über das letzte Preview-Event publiziert.  Scheinbar war auch dieses kurze Beta-Wochenende wieder ein voller Erfolg. Anbei sind einige Screenshots des ambitionierten Titels.

Less than a week after shutting down its free preview event, developer ArenaNet opened up their upcoming multiplayer fantasy action-RPG Guild Wars again this past Saturday and Sunday. This time the event wasn’t quite as open as the previous free beta event since it required purchasing a pre-order package for the game or getting the code through signing up with certain web sites and magazines. HomeLAN played the game during the beta event as well.

We documented our experiences with the free preview event in a number of articles last week so we won’t go over the same points we did in those posts. In playing in this past weekend’s beta, the folks at ArenaNet decided to let players create new characters and start the game at level 1 (the free preview event started all players at level 15 automatically). The intro level and the first few missions this weekend took place in a barren and desolate land, blasted by war and filled with ruins. It was a sharp contrast to the warm and pastoral lands that we played in the free preview event.


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