Face of Mankind - Hosting-Vertrag mit Jolt

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Wie man einer Pressemitteilung von Jolt entnehmen kann, wird der britische MMORPG-Spezialist die Server von Face of Mankind hosten. "Wir sind glücklich mit Jolt zusammenzuarbeiten und glauben, dass wir einen perfekten Partner für unser erstes MMOG gefunden haben", so Marko Dieckmann, Managing Director bei Duplex Systems. Die deutsche Spieleschmiede hat nun mit der Ojom Gmbh und Jolt Ltd. ein paar starke Partner gefunden und entwickelt fleissig weiter. Interessant: noch vor kurzem hat der englische Onlinespiele-Betreiber einen Support-Vertrag mit Turbine unterschrieben. In kürze übernimmt das Team ebenfalls den Euro-Support für Asherons Call 1 + 2

Jolt reveals Face of Mankind

London - 15th November 2004 - Jolt Online Gaming, Europe\'s largest independent online gaming network, is pleased to announce that it is providing hosting and infrastructure for the German-developed MMORPG, Face of Mankind.

A sophisticated role-playing game set in the 24th century; Face of Mankind combines action and social elements to create a unique online experience where the battle of good and evil is depicted in shades of grey.

Jolt will utilise its extensive experience in the hosting and support of online games to help ensure the game\'s success in Europe and elsewhere. As one of the fastest growing and most competitive markets in the entertainment industry, the quality of service delivered by MMOGs is critical. Bringing a proven track record in the area, Jolt continues to operate at the forefront of this constantly changing market by offering an envied level of experience and network infrastructure.

Aimed at those gamers looking for a more original massively-multiplayer experience, Face of Mankind offers a unique economy model and player created missions, putting a greater emphasis on political interaction. The game is currently in closed beta testing. Further information can be found at

"We\'re very happy to be working with Jolt, who we believe to be the ideal partner for our first MMOG release", said Marko Dieckmann, Managing Director of Duplex Systems, "We\'re confident that our game will appeal to a more sophisticated type of gamer and look forward to a highly successful launch."

Thomas Brockhage, General Manager of Ojom GmbH, who are going to publish the game, added: "Jolt has positioned itself as the prime provider of hosting services in the MMORPG space. We are confident that Duplex\', Jolt\'s and Ojom\'s combined efforts will ensure a smooth release and give this fantastic product the necessary level of operational reliability."

Dominic Silk, CEO of Jolt added: "As avid online gamers we know a great concept when we see one, and we\'re delighted to take over hosting responsibilities for Face of Mankind - not just to provide the best service possible, but to help raise awareness of another game that isn\'t just a by-the-numbers MMORPG."


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