EverQuest - Weiteres Interview zur kommenden Expansion

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Erst vor wenigen Tagen hat HomeLan ein Interview mit Robert Pfister publiziert. Nun haben auch die Kollegen von GameZone mit dem Produzenten von Dragons of Norraths gesprochen. Hauptsächlich geht es um die neuen Quests, Gildenfeatures und die visuellen Veränderungen. Schließlich wird die Grafikengine mit dem kommenden Add-on umfassend aufgefrischt. Anbei sind einige tolle Screenshots.

Q: The new levels being introduced into the game are geared for players at what levels? How will they get to these areas - as in, are they accessible by travel, or by quest? Are their instanced zones there or are the areas (like the Nest) that are basically open to anyone who makes it there?

Robert: EverQuest: Dragons of Norrath brings with it an all-new Lavastorm (which is accessible to all players). That is the jumping off point of the expansion. From there, players 45-70 can adventure into the The Broodlands to start their exploration of the expansion. The expansion consists of a combination of travel zones and a new mission system.

Missions take the best parts from LDoN-style adventures and give them the hand-crafted feel of traditional quests. They challenge players to choose a side in the conflict and venture back to the expansion dungeons where they will undertake a set of tasks to further the goals of their chosen faction. In return, players earn the ability to purchase wares that the factions make available to their champions.

The missions play out in instanced versions of the dungeons allowing players to complete their goals in a familiar setting without interruption and allowing us to throw out twists and turns that aren’t feasible in standard dungeon settings. As players progress through the Dragons of Norrath missions, they will uncover the history of The Nest and the terrible secrets behind its reopening.


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