Everquest 2 - Neues Interview

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Die Jungs von haben ein Interview mit Steve Danhuser publiziert. Der Everquest 2 US-Community Manager wird zum Start und den kommenden Verbesserungen befragt. Neben neuen Zonen, Quests und Monstern, soll es sogar eine kostenpflichtige Expansion geben. Hier können wir uns angeblich auf vielfältige Features freuen, genaue Details will Sony jedoch noch nicht nennen.

Todd Tanner - Now that Everquest II has been available for some time, can you comment on how satisfied Sony Online Entertainment is with the launch?

Steve Danuser - Our entire company worked extremely hard to make the launch of EverQuest II as smooth as possible, and we\'re very proud of the result. We\'ve had a tremendous response to the game and our subscriber base is growing
every day. It\'s great to see so many people enjoying the new incarnation of Norrath.

Todd Tanner - Several of the servers for the game are very heavily populated. I\'m sure there will be more servers opened, but will any of these new servers support new features?

Steve Danuser - We don\'t have any plans for special-rules servers at this time. We will continue to add servers as our player population increases, and we have already provided transfers from heavily populated servers to some of the new ones we have introduced after launch.


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