Everquest 2 - Ein Licht im Wald

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Auf der offiziellen Everquest 2 Website ist eine neue Geschichte erschienen. Erzählt werden die Abenteuer von Minra und Nived, die Blumen für den Overlord von Freeport sammeln. Auf ihrem nächtlichen Wald-Ausflug begegnen die Beiden einem seltsamen Licht.

"If we are planning to honor the Overlord, we must get flowers from all the lands," said Minra. "It\'s quite an honor to be chosen to plan the festivities; I want this celebration to be the best in his memory."

"I didn\'t know the Overlord cared about flowers," replied Nived, shouldering a woven burlap bag. "Let\'s hurry, then. I hate being out of Freeport at nightfall."

"All we need is one of each type of flower," Minra said with a grin. "That shouldn\'t take us too long. We already have most of them. I left Nektulos for last, since they\'re easy enough to get."

The pair scrambled through the Forest, Minra guarding while Nived gathered the various blossoms. Minra examined each one Nived chose carefully, determined that the specimens be perfect; the Overlord\'s celebration deserved nothing less. As she scrutinized the pale red fayberry plants, Minra saw a shimmer at the corner of her eye. She turned quickly toward the faint wisps of light.

"Nived!" Minra whispered in awe, "What magic is this? I\'ve never seen anything like this before in Nektulos."

Nived reached out toward the indistinct slivers of undulating light, his hand passing harmlessly through them. Minra and Nived stared at the gauzy curtain of light, entranced. "It is like the light in the sky seen over Everfrost," he said finally. "It\'s beautiful."

"It\'s not just beautiful; it\'s magical," rasped an unfamiliar voice. "The concentrated power is here…I need to make some calculations! Get back!"


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