Everquest 2 - Guide zum Templer

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Die Jungs von TenTonHammer haben einen umfrangreichen Guide zur Templerklasse veröffentlicht. Neben dem Grundwissen, werden Leser sogar über jegliche Quests, Ausbilder, Jagdgründe und Fertigkeiten informiert. Rubriken wie Waffen und Rüstung werden aktuell noch überarbeitet.

First of all, do you want to make a start of it? Is Templar a good choice for you? There are plenty of healing classes, all of which are heavily devoted to group combat, but the Qeynos-based Cleric (and later Templar, though from now on I’ll refer to the class/subclass simply as Templar) is easily the most devoted to the groups physical well-being, though not only through healing and curing (which any priest class can do).  Our specialized buffs and debuffs make us the best choice for reducing the physical damage our groupmates receive, which is good news since physical damage is probably the most frequent cause of cause of death in groups (other types of damage being arcane, traumatic, and elemental).

The bread and butter of the Templar is the reactive heal, a type of healing that is will automatically heal your target a limited number of times (or until the timer runs out) when he/she receives damage. Shaman classes get something very similar, warding. Warding simply absorbs damage. Both reactive healing and warding are only useful during combat, the principal difference being that reactive healing will restore health in excess of the damage received if the attack damage is less than the amount your reactive heal can cure. Druid-class adventurers get something slightly different, heal-over-time. This allows healing targets to be healed readily outside combat, or perhaps when running away from combat gone bad!


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