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Dungeons & Dragons Online - Neues Interview mit Ken Troop + Dave Eckelberry

Von Redaktion - News vom 21.04.2005, 00:00 Uhr

Die Kollegen von GameZone haben ein Interview mit Ken Troop und Dave Eckelberry publiziert. In einem relativ umfangreichen Gespräch werden Lead Designer und Senior Game Systems Designer zum kommenden Online-Rollenspiel ausgefragt. Der angehende Abenteurer kann übrigens als Elf, Halbling oder Mensch in unterschiedlichen Charakterklassen wie beispielsweise Kämpfer, Kleriker oder Magier antreten. Ähnlich wie in Baldurs Gate wird es auch möglich sein, mehrere Klassenkombinationen zu wählen.

Q: When you set about creating this D&D world, what were the primary ingredients that you knew you had to have right at the onset of the project? 

Eckelberry: Hmm, sounds like a good time for a top 10 list:

  • A good understanding of not just how the D&D rules work, but why they work the way they do: so when we had to make changes, we follow not just the letter of the D&D rules, but also the philosophy behind its design.
  • Commitment to make a faithful D&D MMOG, taking the time to do things right, and to make a game we wanted to play.
  • A combat engine that we could begin experimenting with as soon as possible.
  • A collection of SCA fans willing to cut themselves to ribbons as we made D&D real-time.
  • Patience. D&D has oodles of complicated little ad-hoc rules, and we needed to embrace as many of them as we could.
  • Support and guidance from our friends at Wizards of the Coast, makers of Dungeons & Dragons
  • Bottomless supplies of caffeine for sleepless nights like this one.
  • Art assets fast. At first for just design, but we needed a plan for a huge list of not just monsters, characters, and items, but spells, dungeons, decorations, et cetera.
  • 50 Player’s Handbooks for designers and artists to reference, and a few million d20s to stick into computers to roll endlessly.
  • And finally, a love of the D&D experience and a passion to bring it to life in an online game.


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