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Von Dennis Werth - News vom 05.02.2013, 14:22 Uhr
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Völlig überraschend veröffentlichen die fleißigen Tüftler von DayZ einen brandneuen Patch, welcher die Arma II-Zombie-Modifikation auf Version hievt. Wir haben die kompletten Patchnotizen für euch! 

Erst vor wenigen Stunden gaben wir euch einen ersten Einblick in die Standalone-Version von DayZ und schon veröffentlichen die fleißigen Tüftler einen brandneuen Patch für die Zombie-Modifikation. Diesmal dürft ihr euch auf zahlreiche Waffen freuen, die Einzug in die Arma II-Modifikation erhalten. Weiter gibt es ein Infektionssystem, das Zombie- und Loot-Spawn-System erhält ein Update und die Anzahl der Munition bei Waffen wurden angepasst.

Selbstverständlich veröffentlichen die Jungs eine Übersicht über alle Änderungen im offiziellen Forum.

Jetzt als Download: Der brandneue DayZ-Patch

Der komplette Changelog wartet hier auf euch:

Affected addons:
* dayz code
* dayz anims
* dayz server  (server admins only)
* mission file (server admins only)

* [NEW] Weapon - Sa58P_EP1. (Military)
* [NEW] Weapon - Sa58V_EP1. (Military)
* [NEW] Weapon - Sa58V_RCO_EP1. (MilitaryS)
* [NEW] Weapon - Sa58V_CCO_EP1. (MilitaryS)
* [NEW] Weapon - G36C. (HeliCrash)
* [NEW] Weapon - G36C_camo. (HeliCrash)
* [NEW] Weapon - G36A_camo. (HeliCrash)
* [NEW] Weapon - G36K_camo. (HeliCrash)
* [NEW] Weapon - M40A3 (MilitaryS)
* [NEW] Vehicle - HMMWV_DZ.
* [NEW] Vehicle - MH6J_DZ.
* [NEW] - Ability to flip ATV's.
* [NEW] - Zeds spawn while in vehicles.
* [NEW] - Zeds now have the ability to damage vehicles. This is limited to glass only once glass is destroyed players within will be damaged.
* [NEW] - Zeds now have the ability to pull you from open vehicles.
* [NEW] - New Load screens added.
* [NEW] - Chopper weapons can now be reloaded.
* [NEW] - UH60Wreck added
* [NEW] - New zed & loot spawn systems rewrote Phase 1.
* [NEW] - Revamped GUI icons to now empty as you lose the relevent item (blood,food,water) Thanks Des
* [NEW] - Infection changes when eating food and drinking water. (tin and canned items don't count)
* [NEW] - Epeen monitor added to display player stats. (Zombies Killed, Headshots, Murders, Bandits Killed, Humanity) - Press Scroll Lock to use
* [NEW] - Toolbox is now needed to build Wire,tanktrap.
* [NEW] - Etool is now needed to build Sandbags.
* [NEW] - 5 New types of food ("FoodmuttonCooked","FoodchickenCooked","FoodBaconCooked","HIDDEN","FooedRabbitCooked").
* [NEW] - 4 New Raw food. ("FoodbaconRaw","FoodchickenRaw","FoodmuttonRaw","foodrabbitRaw")
* [NEW] - Bloodbags can now give an infection.
* [NEW] - Added moving combat roll (KK's Volt).
* [NEW] - Survived Dayz added to Epeen monitor.
* [NEW] - Cutting down trees now attracts zeds.
* [NEW] - After you have eatern a canned product you now get an empty tincan back.
* [NEW] - Added definition of arrays for meatraw / meatcooked
* [NEW] - You can now eat raw meat (low hp add + possible infection), and Cooked meat (high hp add w/o infection)
* [NEW] - RawMeat blood values (beef-100,rabbit-400,bacon-150,chicken-100,mutton-100).
* [NEW] - Cookedmeat blood values (beef-600,rabbit-1600,bacon-400,chicken-400,mutton-400).
* [NEW] - You can now boil water using a fire,TrashTinCan or ItemSodaEmpty and fullwaterbottle
* [NEW] - Water (possible infection), and Boiled Water (w/o infection)

* [UPDATED] - BAF_L85A2_RIS_CWS replaced with BAF_L85A2_RIS_Holo. (HeliCrash)
* [UPDATED] - Added a much faster login process. (Advantages: Login Speed up)
* [UPDATED] - Limted amount of ammo found with weapons.
* [UPDATED] - Gender selection images updated thanks Des.
* [UPDATED] - Updated infection chance during zed attacks from 1/1000 to 1/500.
* [UPDATED] - Changed Loot tables to increase the supply of Antibiotic drops.
* [UPDATED] - Combat Mode is now affected by everything you do and everything done to you
* [UPDATED] - Updated Mi17_DZ and UH1H_DZ to max ammo Max 100 rounds per gun.
* [UPDATED] - UH1 Crash sites no longer all spawn on server start but throughout the game.
* [UPDATED] - Damage processing for zombieattacks with prebuilded weighted arrays. (Advantages: speedup and saves a lot of cpu cycles)
* [UPDATED] - Much faster fn_instring.
* [UPDATED] - Cargo space redo.
* [UPDATED] - CZ_VestPouch_EP1 to be more useful 12 slots 0 weapon slots.
* [UPDATED] - Zeds will talk to other zeds within 80 meter.
* [UPDATED] - Combat Logging is now active during Zombie chase.
* [UPDATED] - Backpacks updated.
* [UPDATED] - Animal Meat reset. 6(cow),4(goat),4(sheep),4(boar),2(Hen),1(Rabbit)
* [UPDATED] - Epeen monitor moved to scroll lock key and work started on moving to diary
* [UDDATED] - Massive cleanup remove all useless files.
* [UPDATED] - Redone all public EH's
* [UPDTAED] - Combat/zombie logout + anti-duping overhall
* [UPDATED] - String tables to include = English, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, French
* [UPDATED] - All base class's have been updated to match the dayz removal proc's (weapons)

* [FIXED] - Zeds hearing should now be fixed.
* [FIXED] - Temperature icon color now ranges from iceblue (cold) to red (hot)
* [FIXED] - German Tranlations updated.
* [FIXED] - mi17 gunner seat is now fixed (you no longer stand outside)
* [FIXED] - Bloodbag glitch fixed.
* [FIXED] - UH1Y_DZ animation issues.
* [FIXED] - Infection is now fixed loss of blood 3 per sec (will not drop below 3k blood)
* [FIXED] - Epeen monitor animation should now work correct without the fps drop.
* [FIXED] - DZ_Czech_Vest_Puch backpack class config.
* [FIXED] - Variable spelling mistakes hsould be corrected now.
* [FIXED] - Moved all new foods to stringtable.
* [FIXED] - Fixed infection chance when giving blood.(No longer applys to player giving blood) :-(
* [FIXED] - ALT F4 Sync issue now fixed
* [FIXED] - Pause menu can no longer be assigned to mouse keys to bypass respawn.

* [REMOVED] - BAF_L85A2_RIS_CWS (Based on poll)
* [REMOVED] - Banned m136 as it never really worked and served no real purpose.
* [REMOVED] - In Combat bot removed while we work on speed improvements.
* [REMOVED] - Peripheral Vision. (Peripheral Dots)
* [REMOVED] - MPTable Removed.

Hotfix Changes

* [UPDATED] - STR_ITEMWATERBOTTLEBOILED_CODE_DESC - German (Eine Flasche mit abgekochten Wasser)
* [UPDATED] - STR_ITEMWATERBOTTLEBOILED_CODE_DESC - French (Une bouteille a été remplie d'eau bouillie qui peut être consommée.)
* [UPDATED] - HMMWV Cargo space. (transportMaxWeapons = 4;, transportMaxMagazines = 12;, transportmaxbackpacks = 4;)

* [FIXED] - HMMWV Should now be able to be repaired fully.
* [FIXED] - Gut object should be working without errors.
* [FIXED] - Repair option should now only work on vehicles.
* [FIXED] - AS50 was mistakenly banned now unbanned.


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