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FileFront hat ein allround Interview mit Stephane Quilichini publiziert. In einem relativ langem Gespräch berichtet der Lead Designer vom kommenden Dark and Light und den vielfältigen Features des Titels. Fokussiert werden die Spielerduelle, Waffen, Religionen und Soundtracks des Online-Rollenspiels. Schon über 50 Minuten Musik sind aufgenommen, alle Effekte und Kompositionen sind ebenfalls für ein 7.1 Soundsystem optimiert.

Q: This is going up against some heavy hitting games that are recently released (or about to be released) in the same competitive genre. What are some of the gameplay specifics that make DnL more desirable than the rest?

To start with, we have a unique huge world of 40 000 m² (15,000 square miles) which the entire gamer community will discover themselves. Exploration possibilities are immense, as it is a real ecosystem with working meteorological systems well in advance of all other games. Travelling is done on the ground as well as in the air with “breath-taking” game play (according to recent comments from our first Beta testers). Imagine community transport as hot air balloons giving exclusive observation positions, and also the possibility of using delta planes or riding flying creatures such as personal dragons, griffons, Pegasus, and so forth … this part of the game is quite unique. There is classical combat in DnL and we have a PvP way of taking the fortresses and towns between Dark and Light


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