Dark and Light - Im Gespräch mit Stephane Quilichini

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Die Jungs von haben ein Interview mit Stephane Quilichini veröffentlicht. Der Lead Designer wird vor allem zum aktuellen Status befragt. Angeblich hat man in den letzten Wochen so wenig vom Spiel gehört, weil einige Mitglieder das Team während der Ferien verlassen haben und die Entwickler eine finanzielle durststrecke überstehen mussten. Dennoch soll das Spiel im April 2005 erscheinen. Für die kommende Beta werden übrigens nur 2.000 von 130.000 registrierten Spielern eingeladen.

MMORPG.COM: So many games are being cancelled lately, the most recent of which being Dragon Empires, what do you feel DnL has to give it the staying power it needs to survive in this obviously harsh genre? What does it have that other games don\'t? 

Stephane: We learned the end of Dragon Empires with great surprise, and it scared people here, especially our investors. But we thought about it, and DnL has 2 great assets over the competition: client technology and server technology, which are really innovative for the genre. Both these technologies combined allow us to create an ambitious game design that brings some fresh air into the industry. The support our community shows us is also a great help to continue working on the release of a game that, we hope, will be like nothing you have ever seen.
MMORPG.COM: Along those same lines, there are some big name games that were recently released; EQ2 and WoW for example. What do you feel that DnL has that these other games don\'t? Games like EQ2 and WoW with their HUGE marketing budgets are MUCH more in the consumers face, sometimes overshadowing other; potentially better games that aren\'t getting as much press. If there was one feature that DnL has that you feel is done better than anyone else or that no one else has, what would that be? 

Stephane: Yes, we are no match against these two marketing juggernauts that are Sony and Blizzard. This is why we started Internet marketing a long time ago, in order to spread the word. Thanks to this, even if the marketing budget was minimal, we are still in good position among specialized websites. But if you have good leaders in one sector, the other sectors usually benefit from it too. The market is still developing really fast; you can see it with the huge success of WoW that got many subscribers without taking Everquest players away. I think that we have our fans as well, and of course there will always be people who go from game to game. But this will certainly go both sides.

DnL has its own assets over these giants. A unique world, with a client engine that really gives you the impression of being part of the world; this is a unique feature, and our new Beta testers seem to really marvel at what they see on their screens.


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