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Dark Age of Camelot - Neues Catacombs Review

Von Redaktion - News vom 04.01.2005, 00:00 Uhr

Die Kollegen von GamersInfo haben sich die Dark Age of Camelot Expansion Catacombs etwas genauer angeschaut. Insgesamt war das Team sehr begeistert vom Add-on. Die neuen Klassen, Features und gravierenden grafischen Verbesserungen, machen den Titel wieder fit für die Zukunft.

Coming home... My return to Dark Age of Camelot: Dark Age of Camelot to me was like the hometown that I thought I would always have fond memories of growing up in, but would never return to because I was moving on to new challenges. That feeling changed recently, though, with an email invitation to return and help beta test the Catacombs expansion.

I started playing DAoC "way back when"… so way back that the game was actually in the final days of alpha testing. I played it all through beta, becoming one of their first team leads, and for about a year after the game went live. But one thing that I never really enjoyed about the game was the group oriented PvP, referred to as RvR (realm versus realm). Because this was such a fundamental part of the game, and the real reason for striving toward level 50 and beyond, I knew that DAoC wouldn\'t be for me forever. When their PvE only server, Gaheris, opened, I quickly created new characters, became the team lead for that server, and was able to find a renewed love of the game. But after finally reaching level 50, seeing all there was to see so much that I could walk from Avalon Marsh to Camelot\'s gates practically asleep, I retired my characters and closed my accounts


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