Auto Assault - Interview mit Scott Brown

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UGO hat ein Interview mit Scott Brown publiziert. Der Projekt Leiter von Auto Assault beantwortet einige Fragen zum Gameplay, der Grafikengine und der Zukunft des Genres. Laut Scott werden die Spiele immer weiter von den Charakter-Basierenden Titeln weggehen und eher neue Features wie Action und Strategie aufkommen. Bislang konnten fast nur Rollenspieler persistente Welten kennenlernen, das wird sich sehr bald ändern. 

UGO: NetDevil\'s Auto Assault is one of the few real-time action-based MMOs out there. Why the decision to go massively multiplayer instead of just working on a single player game?

Scott Brown: There are a number of reasons why we think that MMOs are some of the most fun games, including playing with your friends from near and far, PvP competition against many other players, and the long term satisfaction of character and world persistence. That being said, Auto Assault allows players to play and complete missions either solo or in a group.

UGO: The game is clearly inspired by a post-apocalyptic world (a la Mad Max). What were some of the other inspirations for the game and what weapon ideas were borrowed from famous flicks?

Scott: The game has a variety of inspirations but is not a direct take on any existing world. Rather, Auto Assault is something different and new that I think players will really enjoy uncovering as they play. There are all kinds of weapons from current military styles to modern sci-fi type weaponry.


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