Asheron's Call - Throne of Destiny kostenlos zocken

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Besitzer einer Kreditkarte, die am 22. Juni Lust und Zeit haben, die neue Asherons Call Expansion Throne of Destiny anzuspielen, sollten mal einen Blick auf die offizielle Asherons Call Website werden. Wer einen Turbine-Account erstellt, kann das Add-on schon vor dem offiziellen Release kostenfrei anzocken. Eine gültige Kreditkarte wird allerdings benötigt.

Asheron\'s Call: Throne of Destiny Open Preview

Want to see Throne of Destiny before it launches on July 18? Starting on June 22, you\'ll get that chance! The Throne of Destiny Open Preview will begin on June 22 and is open to everyone! Here\'s what you need in order to participate in this exciting event:Throne of Destiny Preview Key and Preview Installer

To get a Key and the installer, just visit FilePlanet. You\'ll be able to get a Preview Key and download the Throne of Destiny Open Preview installer starting on June 22.

A Turbine Billing account.

If you\'re an existing Asheron\'s Call player with characters on the world of Leafcull, we recommend that you use your existing Turbine Billing account – your characters on Leafcull have been copied to Destiny, the Open Preview world! If you don\'t already have a Turbine Billing account, that\'s fine! You can create one at the same time that you register your Key.

Once you\'ve got your key, go to Turbine Billing. Either log in with your existing account or click continue under "I already have a Product Key".

Once you\'re logged in, or once you create your new account, click the yellow "Subscribe" button to the right of Asheron\'s Call: Throne of Destiny Preview. You\'ll be prompted for your key, go ahead and enter it. Once you\'ve done this, go ahead and install the Preview that you downloaded from FilePlanet. Then log in and play the game!

For more information about Preview, including where to submit any bug reports or feedback, see the Preview FAQ.


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