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Die Jungs von Gamespot haben ein Interview mit Gaute Godager online gestellt. Der Game Director von Age of Conan wird hauptsächlich zu dem Conan Universum und dem Single-Player Modus befragt. Schliesslich soll jeder Spieler erst eine kleine Story durchleben, bevor es in die wirkliche Onlinewelt geht. Sicherlich eine interessante Methode um der Spielwelt mehr Leben einzuhauchen. Weiterhin findet Ihr auf GameSpy sowie Games Domain jeweils eine neue Vorschau zum kommenden Online-Rollenspiel.

You start out your life as a slave. Your character is picked among the many rowing slaves on a ship. You suffer from a lack of recollection and there is a mysterious tattoo branded on your chest. During a massive storm, your chains burst free due to a pursuing galley that rams through the side of your ship. After fighting your way free and crushing the fat, bloated slaver, you dive into the sea, finally ending up on a beach in front of a lush, dark jungle with a seething volcano in the distance. The goal of regaining your memory becomes your immediate concern.

The setting of the Baracha Isles is the canvas for the first part of the game. You are completely alone in the beginning, but gradually you meet others, perhaps in a tavern or other places where being social is important. The game remains single-player, though, with four different story arcs tied together--one for each archetype class. This gives you replay value if you care to create more than one character. It hasn\'t been decided if we shall let you skip the single-player game altogether after you\'ve gone through it once. What has been decided is that although you play on our servers, you will play the single-player game as if it was offline, without any additional costs other than when you bought the game.


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